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Austin, Texas

When you visit Austin, Texas, you will fall in love with the history of this beautiful city. With plenty of things to see and do, you’ll learn all about the historical and cultural significance of this Texas town and have fun doing it, too!

Stop in at the Austin Museum of Art for an amazing look at artwork from local, national and international artists.

Students will be able to view many pieces of contemporary artwork, accompanied by several viewing and listening stations to enhance the experience.

For an interesting experience, students should make it a point to stop by Boggy Creek Farm, a certified organic farm that’s open for visits several days a week. What makes this farm so special is the beautiful home that rests on the grounds, thought to be one of the oldest remaining homes in Austin. As such, it’s a historic farmhouse well worth visiting on your trip to Austin.

Boggy Creek FarmDuring your trip to Boggy Creek Farm, revel in the horticulture process; sample some delicious sun-dried tomatoes and other produce they offer, and pick up a few educational books to take home with you from the gift shop.

Your next stop on the itinerary should be the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center, which offers a comprehensive look at African American history in Austin.

The museum hosts several exhibits, including historic photographs, documents and artwork chronicling African American history from the past to the present. It’s definitely worth a trip.

For something a little more unusual, visit the Congress Avenue Bridge Bats. It offers students an up close and personal look at the largest urban bat colony in North American. Millions of bats circle through the air at dusk - it’s a breathtaking experience, and one that shouldn’t be left off the itinerary.

After a long day of sight seeing, it’s time to get back to nature and explore the Inner Space Caverns.

Easily accessed with amazing sights, the Inner Space Caverns afford students with a rare look at various flora, fauna and other exciting sights. Sign up for one of several various walking tours to explore the caverns, and come away with memories you won’t soon forget.

The Zilker Botanical Garden also affords students a beautiful look at what nature really has to offer. 31 acres of lush, gorgeous gardens and trails will have students captivated - and it’s good exercise, too! You can even sign up for an extensive walking tour of the gardens.

You may also want to make it a point to visit the Texas State Cemetery, which houses the final resting place of many notable politicians, judges, and other notable figures in Texas history.

When you visit Austin, Texas, you’ll almost forget you’re learning. With so many attractions, museums and recreational activities to take part in, the city of Austin will captivate and mesmerize students.

For an amazing look at the historical and cultural significance of Austin, Texas, the above attractions and places of interest will allow students to explore the city first hand, and come back with memories that will last a lifetime.