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Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is commonly known as Charm City. Baltimore is considered to be the seaport closest to any of the major Midwestern markets than any and all others on the East Coast. The city was given its name in 1729 after Lord Baltimore, the first Governor of Maryland. Baltimore has a great historical significance because they played a huge part in the events leading up to the American Revolution.

In the 1800’s many immigrants came to the United States by way of seaport. Many historic events have happened in Baltimore, in 1861 there was the Baltimore Riot. This was the time when the Union soldiers came through the city. In 1904, the Great Baltimore Fire happened and eliminated over 1500 buildings in a total of 30 hours. This caused most of the Baltimore to be rebuilt.

Edgar Allen Poe HouseBaltimore has some great Museums that are great for learning purposes. These include the Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum, Poe was a great author and his literary works are studied all over the United States. The Maryland Science Center is another, this museum houses exhibits called the Dinosaur Mysteries, Newton’s Alley, Inside the Human Body, Blue Crab and Our Place in Space just to name a few.

You can also visit some great places such as the Irish House of Lords - this was what was known as the upper house of the Parliament of Ireland which came to be during medieval times and lasted throughout the 1700’s. The building where it took place is a very interesting place to visit, one room in it is currently used by the bank of Ireland.

Another great place to study the history of Baltimore as well as the United States is at the Fort McHenry National Monument, it was this very famous fort that was the inspiration of Francis Scott Key to compose the Star Spangled Banner. Fellsport is another great site to see, it was discovered in 1730 by a Quaker from England. This particular neighborhood produced many shipyards.

For teenagers who want a change of pace from the educational themed places, there is the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum located in Baltimore or they can catch a Baltimore Orioles baseball game if you visit Baltimore at the right time of the year. Others might like the Baltimore Tattoo Museum. An educational side trip may be taken to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. There are over 2000 animals such as reptiles, snow leopards, Cheetah, Lions and Elephants. Everyone loves the zoo and it can double as an educational trip as well.

Sticking to the animal theme, Baltimore also has one of the best Aquariums in the country. They have over 5000 different species of fish. You can see mammals, birds and reptiles. There are even dolphins shoes and a rain forest. Fun as well as educational, absolutely worth the trip to Baltimore.