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Charleston, South Carolina

A visit to Charleston, South Carolina will open students’ eyes to the historically rich diversity of this great city. Your first stop should be the Fort Sumter National Monument, which includes a tour of Fort Moultrie as well.

The national monument aids as a commemorative landmark of several distinct moments in American history. What better way for students to gain an understanding of American history than a comprehensive tour of these historic points of interest?

Charleston also offers a host of museums, ranging from cultural exhibits to historic photographs, artwork and more.

For example, the Charleston Museum offers an in-depth look into the history of this South Carolina city. Touted as the “American’s first museum,” the Charleston Museum offers an array of historic, cultural and natural history exhibits that any student should be enthralled by.

Gibbes MuseumFor an artistic look at the history of Charleston, visit the Gibbes Museum of Art. Located in the historic district of the city, students can view historic photographs of Charleston, as well as take a guided walking tour of the museum with a knowledgeable guide.

Of course, no visit to Charleston would be complete without a visit to one of many historic homes and buildings the city has to offer.

Drayton Hall remains one of the only pre-Revolutionary houses that’s still in almost original condition. The history of Drayton Hall spans across three centuries, and has lived through wars and natural disasters. The fact that it remains in almost original condition today only serves to add to the amazing heritage behind Drayton Hall.

A visit to the Charleston Tea Plantation is not only educational, but fun too! Take a ride on the trolley through the many acres of fields the tea plantation uses to make tea.

You can even take a free tour through the tea factory and get an in-depth look at the tea making process - up close and personal!

Once you complete the tour, you can visit the Gift Shop and sample a delicious variety of tea made on the plantation. Trust me - this is one tour you don’t want to miss.

After visiting the many historic and cultural places of interest, take a trip to Cypress Gardens to commune with nature in it’s purest form.

A flat-bottomed boat tour allows students to explore the swamp. The variety of trails throughout the gardens are also a beautiful, relaxing way to end the day.

In addition to boat tours and trails, the gardens also house a butterfly exhibit, an aquarium and “Crocodile Isle,” where you can view rare and endangered species of crocodiles up close and personal. It’s definitely worth a visit!

The Center for Birds of Prey also offers a comprehensive look at nature, allowing students to view various species of birds, including the history of the species and their natural habitats.

Visit their website for a variety of activities and exhibit’s the center plans to offer students and other interested parties in 2008.

A visit to Charleston, South Carolina is an eye-opening experience for students. Not only will they enrich their lives with the rich historical, natural and cultural history of the city; they will thoroughly enjoy themselves, too.