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Historical Fun in Cody, Wyoming

For a look back into the history of the notorious Wild West, look no farther than Cody, Wyoming and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

With five museums under one roof, the center offers an amazing opportunity to discover what life was life in the American West.

Your first destination of note should be the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. It houses the Buffalo Bill Museum, the Cody Firearms Museum, the Whitney Gallery of Western Art, Plains Indian Museum, the Draper Museum of Natural History and the McCracken Research Library.

The Bufffalo Bill Museum examines the life of infamous W.F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, including the history and myths surrounding the legend. Students will get an up close and personal look at the life of Buffalo Bill Cody, while remaining mesmerized by imagining what it was like in the American West.

Buffalo BillThe Cody Firearms Museum boasts an astounding collection of American firearms. The museum is also home to many European firearms, some of which date back to the 16th century. Collectors from all over the world visit due to the vast size and variety in the collection. The Winchester Collection, however, is the museum's most extensive and the focal point of the .

For another entrancing look back in history, visit the Plains Indian Museum, which chronicles the lives, cultures and traditions of the Plains Indian people.

Because the Center is located just on the brink of Yellowstone National Park, students can have a great time exploring the environment and learning about nature’s wonders. There is no shortage of things to do!

While there are plenty of educational things to do when you visit the town of Cody, rest assured there are also tons of activities to engage in that have nothing to do with education.

For example, if you travel to Cody during the Spring, be sure not to miss the Spring Open House, which usually happens during the beginning of May. The town also hosts a weekend-long festival of cowboy games, songs and tall tales in April that you will not want to miss.

After a fruitful day of education, you can “relax” by booking a package from the Wyoming River Trip Company and tackling the rapids. It’s a great balance between excitement and physical activity; the perfect end to a long day of exploring historical places and sight seeing.

Additionally, from June to August you can check out the Cody Nite Rodeo, one of the attractions the city is famous for.

Discover the life of a rodeo cowboy, and take in the sights and sounds that is rodeo. They don’t call Cody, Wyoming the Rodeo Capital of the World for nothing!

If that isn’t enough, visit Old Trail Town, a collection of historic buildings and other areas of interest along the Yellowstone Highway. The area has special significance, because it was the original site considered the town of Cody by Buffalo Bill in the 1800’s.

An excellent mix of education and recreation, the town of Cody, Wyoming is a perfect spot for high school students to delve into history while having an enjoyable time as well. Between numerous museums, educational exhibits, recreational activities and sightseeing, the town of Cody offers a beautiful glimpse into the history of the Wild West.