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Denver, Colorado

A truly spectacular city, Denver, Colorado has a lot to offer students who wish to educate themselves while enjoying every minute.

For an in-depth look at African American culture and history, visit the Black American West Museum. Founded in the early 70’s, the museum strives to present information regarding historic contributions of African Americans in the old west.

Through photographs, exhibits, and artifacts, you’ll be immersed in a culturally diverse environment where you can learn about African American cowboys, and how they were relevant to Denver’s history.

If you’re interested in a comprehensive history of Colorado, Denver’s own Colorado History Museum will do nicely.

The museum hosts many exhibitions, lectures, and events that illustrate in detail the rich history of the state of Colorado. There’s something for everyone at this museum!

Molly Brown HouseOf course, you can’t miss a trip to the Molly Brown House Museum. The museum is actually the original home of the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown, famous for her voyage on the Titanic. The home has been restored since Molly Brown first lived there, but it still retains much of it’s history. Guided tours are available through the museum, and you’ll enjoy every minute of the 45-minute walking tour.

After exploring the various museums and galleries throughout the city, it’s time to visit the Denver Botanic Gardens. Students will love the beautiful, 23-acre garden, arranged in an artistic representation that’s sure to remain in your memory long after you leave the city.

If you really want to experience everything Denver has to offer, consider a guided tour via Charter of the Rockies. These guided bus tours will take you through various parts of the city, where you’ll get to learn about the people and events that helped shape Denver into what it is today.

There are several tour packages available - you’re guaranteed to learn something new on each trip!

Even if you don’t get a chance to take a guided tour, there’s no reason why you can’t stroll the city alone - there are plenty of places to check out and explore that will help you understand the history of this fine city.

Afterwards, why not relax and enjoy beautiful music during a performance from the Colorado Symphony Orchestra? Plan your visit around a performance here, and you’ll be glad you did.

For an art lesson that can’t be beat, visit Denver’s Knox Gallery. You’ll be captivated by the world-renowned sculpture gardens and artwork the gallery is famous for.

Recognized as the nation’s “premiere monumental bronze sculpture gallery,” Knox Gallery attempts to display the work of world-famous sculptors and painters so visitors can glean an understanding of and appreciation towards artists and their work.

While a brief travel guide cannot hope to encompass every educational and recreational activity Denver, Colorado has to offer, the previous attractions are some of the finest in the city.

Even if you find most educational activities boring and mundane, you’ll change your tune once you visit Denver. All of the museums, galleries and historic places strive to create an experience that’s not only educational, but highly enjoyable as well.

Visit Denver, Colorado and you’ll forget you’re actually learning!