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Grand CanyonAre you a teacher looking for an educational travel opportunity with your students? Or a student looking to learn more about the United States or Canada? Or perhaps you are a parent, hoping to plan an epic road trip with your family and broaden your appreciation and understanding of our great country? If so, then welcome to our site! Our goal is to help you explore and get to know the many student travel options available right here at home. You don't have to plan a trip abroad to have an epic adventure; we have many pages of great information about dozens of cities in the United States and Canada, with some of the fun and absorbing attractions that make each unique and a fabulous place to learn about and visit.

What Student Travel Teaches Us

Many folks think of travel in terms of relaxation or diversion - getting away from the daily routine or as a means to alleviate stress. While these are goals that have value and can be accomplished during a getaway, they are adult rather than teen-oriented ones. It is important to remember that students, especially in the pre-teen / teenage group, will have their adult persona highly shaped and influenced by their experiences at this age. Learning about and visiting places that are different than their hometown expands their thinking and teaches them that the world is a complex system, filled with wonders and many interesting places and people. When your life experience as a teen is based on appreciating diversity, it is easier to accept new ideas and concepts as an adult. Student travel therefore takes on an additional experiential and educational dimension - our goal in creating this site is to help fuel your opportunites to learn more about our country and even about the world.

And Besides, Travelling is FUN!

So enjoy our site, and we hope you find it helpful to plan your next student travel opportunity or simply get the most out of the next city you visit! We welcome your feedback and be sure to contact us if you have any questions or comments you would like to share.