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Indianapolis, Indiana

The capital of Indiana, Indianapolis offers a wealth of educational and recreational experiences for knowledge-hungry students worldwide.

Art buffs will enjoy a visit to the Eckert Fine Art Gallery, where students will get to view many pieces of artwork from the 19th and 20th centuries. Featured art displays include American, Russian and European Impressionist paintings, as well as a variety of other artwork to examine.

The Indiana World War Memorial will transport students back in time as they explore this mausoleum-style memorial which serves to commemorate Indiana soldiers who died during World War I, II and the Korean and Vietnam wars. Definitely a must see!

Along a similar line, the Marion County Fallen Firefighters Memorial serves as a commemoration to Marion County’s fallen firefighters, founded in 1996. It’s a great historic representation of Indianapolis’s dedicated firefighters, and students will be able to catch a glimpse of the large stone Phoenix that rests atop the monument.

Morris ButlerFor a taste of historic homes and buildings, you cannot miss a trip to the Morris-Butler House. The home has been fully restored since its creation in 1865 and beautifully represents the architecture, history and culture in Indianapolis at the time the home was built. The rooms are filled with grandeur and lavishly decorated in true Victorian style, the home is open for guided tours. You can also arrange for students to have a special tea after the tour, so you gain an actual depiction of what Victorian life was life for an upper class family during the time period.

No visit to Indianapolis would be complete without stopping by the supremely gorgeous Scottish Rite Cathedral. Guided tours and admission are both free; take advantage of that and visit this historic Gothic-style building that towers over 200 feet tall!

Of course, Indianapolis offers a host of museums that will both educate and entertain, including the whimsical Carter Toy Museum.

A break from the usual, this comprehensive toy museum will immerse students in the “largest toy collection in the Midwest,” including vintage toys, collectibles, games and a working carousel. Students can even rekindle those magic childhood moments and take a ride on the bumper cars!

The Indiana State Museum will inform students about the historical and cultural importance of the great state of Indiana, including past and present events. The museum hosts a variety of permanent exhibits, but includes a frequent rotation of “special” exhibits that may be of interest to visitors.

Be sure to visit the website to plan your visit around one of the rotating exhibits, and stop by their IMAX Theater to see what’s playing – it’s the only theater of its kind in Indianapolis!

There’s no denying that Indianapolis, Indiana offers a variety of attractions to both inform and entertain. From memorials to art galleries; museums to historic homes and buildings, the city has a wealth of educational opportunities for even the pickiest students.

While most people neglect to think of Indianapolis as an educational destination, the previous attractions are sure to open up your students’ mind and allow them to view the city and the state with a whole new perspective.