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Miami, Florida

While most students would initially view Miami as the city of sun, surf and beaches, few people are aware that Miami, Florida boasts a wide variety of attractions with significant historical and cultural importance.

For example, the Cape Florida Lighthouse south of Miami Beach offers students an astounding look at the oldest lighthouse in Florida. The lighthouse was established in 1825, but the original building was destroyed several years later.

In 1845, the lighthouse was rebuilt and remains in nearly the same condition today as it was then. The lighthouse IS open for public viewing, and also houses a museum for interested visitors.

The Miami Museum of Science offers students a comprehensive look at all things scientific, with a variety of exhibits and activities to captivate any science fan. The Dinosaurs of China exhibit offers an extensive look at Chinese dinosaur fossils; possibly the finest collection ever documented within the United States.

Parrot JungleParrot Jungle and Gardens offers students a rare look at these magnificent birds, and offers extensive learning material in a fun, enjoyable environment. Take a look at the website and plan your trip around a variety of educational activities and attractions the Gardens offer students.

Meet and greet dolphins and other marine life at the Miami Seaquarium, where students will be exposed to a great offering of educational and creative activities in a relaxed, enjoyable environment. The aquarium operates on over 30 acres of pristine land and is filled to the brim with dolphins, killer whales, sea lions and other marine animals for you to enjoy.

For an up close and personal look at the history of Florida, visit the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. The museum offers a wide range of exhibits and attractions featuring historic documents, photographs, artifacts and more dedicated to preserving the history of this beautiful state – definitely a must-see!

Among other museums students shouldn’t miss is the Miami Art Museum, which houses an extensive collection of contemporary art. In addition to the museum’s permanent collection of artwork, the building also houses a rotating selection of artwork from other museums on display at various times during the year. Stop by and see what’s on display during your visit!

If students desire to get back to nature, visit the Oleta State Recreation Area, located on North Miami Beach. Not only will students get to see the beaches Miami’s famous for; but you’ll also enjoy over 10 miles of extensive hiking/biking trails, gorgeous views, picnic areas and kayak rentals.

For another great natural experience, don’t miss a trip to the Virginia Key Beach Park. It’s actually an historic landmark, and deserves to be on the itinerary. The park offers a variety of attractions and activities, and also hosts several gorgeous walking trails for students who enjoy the great outdoors.

It’s true that most people are familiar with Miami, Florida for the beaches, surf and great weather – but as the previous attractions and activities prove, the city offers a rare look into the history and culture that made Miami what it is today.