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Orlando, Florida

There is no exact date or year when Orlando was founded but researchers have pinpointed it to around 1836 when a soldier named Orlando Reeves died in the area during the Seminole War. Another story has Orlando Reeves operating a Sugar Mill north of Spring Garden in Volusia County. Before Orlando was named Orlando the territory was known as Jernigan after their first settler Aaron Jernigan. Orlando is not known for their big time war battles, they are mostly known for settlers and Native Indians with and the disputes over the land between them. Even during the Spanish American War and World War I, Orlando was known as a resort city.

During the 1920’s Orlando started to populate very quickly but that did not last long because of the Hurricanes that ripped through the city. Then the Depression hit and Orlando slowed down. Over the years, Orlando began coming back into its own and by the 1960’s it was becoming the vacation town it once was again. In 1971, Disney World opened and Orlando has never looked back.

Florida ZooYou would not think of Orlando as being an educational hotspot but there are some things that can be learned here. The Central Florida Zoological Park is located in Greater Orlando. This zoo covers 100 acres and has a butterfly garden with many tropical animals. Another great educational location is the Discovery Cove which is located in the ever popular Sea World Adventure Park. Discovery Cove offers tropical fish in coral reef settings, snorkeling with stingrays and you can also be a part of the bird sanctuary. There is even a swim and play with the dolphins attraction to enjoy. Sea World itself is a lot of fun while being very educational at the same time. With the dolphins and Orca’s students can learn a lot through hands on experience.

Another great location to visit is the Cornell Fine Arts Museum - this museum is free and has a great art display. You can visit the home of author Jack Kerouac who wrote On the Road. He has become a national icon for his writing style and material. The Orlando Museum of Art has some great American portraits and landscapes there as well. If you want to enhance your students knowledge of Science, take them to the Orlando Science Center. There are some great activities that the students can interact with. There is an attraction called the Body Zone which teaches students about health and fitness through assorted activities.

There is also a water park called Wet-N-Wild very close by too. Everyone will love that as a nice break from learning. There is so much to do here in Orlando and there are some great places that are not too far away from Orlando like the Kennedy Space Center which kids and teachers will love. Sometimes things don’t have to be historic to be fun.

There are plenty of educational things to do here in Orlando. Students and teachers will both find everything to do here great fun. Aside from the hurricanes which could be a great learning tool for science class ;) Orlando has a lot of offer.