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Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia is one of the most historic cities in the entire country. Richmond is most known for being the capital for the Confederate during the American Civil War. There are some historic landmarks that still remain in Richmond. During the Revolutionary War in 1775, Patrick Henry shouted his most famous speech “ Give me liberty or Give me Death” at St John’s Church in Richmond. Richmond is also famous for one of their citizens, Henry Box Brown. He is the one who mailed himself from Richmond to Philadelphia in order to escape slavery in 1848. The Civil War broke out in 1861, much of the city had been destroyed during the war and had to be rebuilt.

Some of the great sites to see in Richmond as an educational field trip or a class trip would be to visit the Museum and White House of the Confederacy. This was the home to the Confederacy President Jefferson Davis. The home was a symbolic white just like the White House In Washington. The Confederate White House today has the largest collection of Confederate artifacts anywhere.

Poe HouseThere is also the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, this museum houses some of the illustrations of the poem "The Raven" and other artifacts from this “thriller” author. The Maymont House has a historic garden with a historic home, a park and a nature center.

In addition to these great places in Richmond, another place to visit would be the Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site. Mary L. Walker was an African American entrepreneur in the 1900’s. She was the very first woman bank president ever in the United States as well as a social activist. She achieved some great things as well as some historic goals.

The Virginia Historical Society, the Virginia Capitol Building, the Science Museum of Virginia and the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia are other notable places to visit when in Richmond. There are so many historical places to see that you would have to spend at least 2 weeks in Richmond alone just to see it all. But sometimes educational and historic can become a bit tedious for students. There are some fun things to do in Richmond as well as learning. There are many beaches and water sports, parks and gardens, wildlife and nature for those of you who are a nature nut.

There are a lot of places to shop - one great place that caters to the younger crowd is called the Shockhoe Bottom District. It is located in an historic neighborhood of Richmond but has a mostly a younger crowd. There are many theaters and movie houses and a places that you must eat at. One of the greatest is at Mamma Zu's. The food is extremely cheap but fantastic. If you are in Richmond you must pay a visit to Mamma Zu’s.

Richmond also has many old style real life plantations as well as a walking tour called the Ghost Walk that everyone will love. If you want to take your class on a great field trip then Richmond, Virginia is the place to go. The kids will have fun in Richmond, plus they will learn something valuable as well.