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Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts is arguably one of the most historic places within the United States. For a truly amazing experience students will not forget, a visit to Salem should be in store.

The House of the Seven Gables, one of the most famous buildings across America, will transport you back in time. The house has actually remained close to its original condition, and still has many of the same architectural features it did in the 17th and 18th centuries!

Once you’ve finished exploring the beautiful house and surrounding property, head over to the Peabody Essex Museum for a wonderful art and culture lesson.

With over 2 million collections of art, artifacts and other objects of cultural and historical significance, the Peabody Essex Museum is one of the most comprehensive museums around.

For a bit of exercise and an amazing look into the history of Salem, book a walking tour through the McIntire Historic District. Students will enjoy this 45 minute tour of some of the most famous structures throughout Salem - 300 in all!

If you have some time on your hands and want to relax after a long day of sightseeing, take a ride on the Salem Ferry, which connects Salem and Boston and takes only 45 minutes to travel between the two cities.

Salem MuseumOf course, no visit to Salem would be complete without a trip to the Salem Witch Museum. The Witch Trials that occurred in the town in 1692 helped to establish Salem, Massachusetts as a place of extreme historical significance. Students who visit the museum will be inundated with a spectacular demonstration and history lecture about the famous Salem Witch trials. You will also learn about modern-day witches and witchcraft, and the theories behind mass witch hunts.

The museum will have you questioning your belief in witches and witchcraft before you leave!

If you enjoy a little evening entertainment after a long day, plan your visit around a performance at the Salem Theatre Company. Each year, the company hosts several shows that are guaranteed to be amazing.

While the city of Salem is synonymous with witches, many people may not realize that the city was also a stomping ground for some of the most famous pirates of all time.

The New England Pirate Museum attempts to educate student visitors with an in-depth guided walking tour of the museum, detailing the exploits of notorious pirates like Captain Kidd and Blackbeard.

Students will enjoy viewing actual pirate treasure and exploring a re-created pirate ship and an authentic-looking seaport. You’ll also get to explore a cave that’s 80 feet long, filled to the brim with treasure and mystery galore.

It’s an educational AND enjoyable experience that can’t be missed.

The city of Salem, Massachusetts will captivate students with its rich and colorful history, from witches to pirates and everything in between.

Explore the bold history of Salem in numerous museums across the city; take in an entertaining show, or simply meander through various trails, parks and monuments dedicated to preserving important events.

Whatever you choose to do during your visit, your students will come back from the experience with a clearer understanding of not only the infamous Witch Trials; but of the glorious wonder that is Salem, Massachusetts.