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Savannah, Georgia

When you explore the rich cultural, architectural and historic landmarks of Savannah, Georgia you’ll forget you’re embarking on an educational experience.

The Fort Pulaski National Monument should be your first stop on this experience of a lifetime. The monument, which marks the Battle for Fort Pulaski in April of 1862, depicts the first instance where rifled cannons were used in battle.

After exploring the incredible history behind this historic landmark, make a point to stop by the Georgia Historical Society, which describes itself as the “one of the oldest historical organizations in the nation.” The Historical Society offers a number of educational lectures, workshops and other activities to engage students in an exploration of Savannah’s cultural and historical past.

Savannah downtownYou can also explore the vast collection of manuscripts, photographs, architectural drawings, books, maps, artifacts and various other items that depict the many events and people of Savannah’s past.

Visit the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum for an up close and personal look at ship models, antiques and other exhibits that illustrate the era of travel between England and American during the 18th and 19th centuries. This beautiful museum offers students a look at Scarbrough House, named after William Scarbrough, the president of the Savannah Steamship Company.

After a long day of sightseeing, relax and explore the historic areas of Savannah by booking a trip with the Historic Savannah Carriage Company.

The company offers numerous tour packages which take you directly into the heart of historic Savannah. A rich cultural experience, the carriage ride will make you feel like you are really experiencing Savannah’s past for yourself!

For a truly unique experience, the Ghosts and Legends of Savannah Tour affords a spectacular history of the various ghosts, historical accounts and legends of Savannah, Georgia.

This comprehensive walking tour will take students through various areas (at night, of course!) of interest, including the Colonial Park Cemetary, Savannah’s oldest burial grounds, and many other spectral sights.

Lasting about 90 minutes, this walking tour offers an educational look into the haunted past of Savannah, while leaving you pondering the excitement of ghosts and haunted spots.

Depending on when you book a trip, students can take part in a variety of fun activities and celebrations that make Savannah the city it is today.

For example, January brings a variety of events to the table including an interesting look at the art and architecture behind the Victorian stylings of the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace.

From January to February, you can also take part in a weekend gaslight tour, which offers a beautiful look at what this historic home must have looked like during the Gaslight era. Students will be transported through Savannah’s past and be enthralled by the lights and beauty of the place. It’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

In February and March, students can take a break from exploring historical landmarks and take part in the Savannah Irish Festival and the annual Music Festival, which promise tons of fun and excitement.

No matter when you visit, the various activates and attractions offer a beautiful look into the cultural and historical aspects of Savannah’s past. Explore the rich tradition of this amazing city, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.