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Off-Season Travel Tips

After five years of planning trips for my students, I finally figured out how to make the most of the experience said Judy Wilson from Bedford, Ohio. Judy recently changed her travel dates from Easter to Columbus Day weekend and hasn't stopped raving about the difference. Judy raved: we were able to see so much more this year. Whether it is the Statue of Liberty or the U.S. Capitol, lines at attractions can sometimes swell in the spring. Though it is usually worth the wait, why not plan a trip on off-peak dates and take advantage of smaller crowds.

Picking travel dates on holiday weekends in the fall or winter (Columbus Day, Election Day, Christmas Break, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day or Presidents Day) is a terrific alternative that will not interfere with the school calendar.

Not only are the lines shorter, but it is also an excellent way to ensure priority reservations with hotels, restaurants, theater and appointments for government building tours (White House, Capitol Building, Holocaust Museum).

Judy is quick to point out that all it takes is a little early planning. According to Judy, I notified the students and parents of the trip before school was out for the summer and then began collecting deposits when the new school year began. The early notice also made the price of the trip more manageable. Between the time I announced the trip and the time we traveled, the cost broke down to just $2 per day to save for the entire cost of the trip!

Learn from Judy and plan to make the most of your tour experience.